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Three Rivers Broadcasting is a new voice for the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. 

Our management team had spent decades working in the broadcasting industry in various capacities.

We managed radio and TV stations. We became experts in promotions, partnerships and programming.

We worked for some of the best minds in the business.

We came together to build something entertaining, informative and revolutionary.

A broadcast outlet serving the Tri-State region with limitless territory. One that could reach far beyond the geographic constraints of terrestrial radio.

There's no crackle in our signal. It doesn't fade out after 20 miles. The wires don't disrupt us. Tune in at work, at home or in your car by computer, tablet or cell-phone. Take us on vacation to the Jersey Shore. 

We offer a unique blend of locally produced and nationally syndicated programming. From politics to prayer to polka, we've got our finger on the pulse of Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. 

You'll see us broadcasting live in a wide variety of places. 

  • The Church Pierogi Sale Grandma Volunteers At? We'll eat a dozen on air.

  • Bluegrass Festival? We'll get as close to Del McCoury as security allows.

  • Your Son's High School Hoops Game? We'll be center court. 

Frm Butler to Bridgeport and Cambridge to Cambria County...Three Rivers Broadcasting is your new hometown voice of the Tri-State area. 

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