• Outlined below is the daily program offering of Three Rivers Broadcasting

  • All Broadcast Times are US Eastern Time Zone

  • Asterisk indicates Live program


12:00 AM:       Classic Radio Theatre

5:00 AM:          Renewal Catholic Ministries

5:30 AM:         Presentation Ministries W\ Father Al Lauer

6:00 AM:        Catholic Answers

8-11 AM:        Dr. Daliah Medical and Health Talk

11:00 AM:       The Polka Brunch*

12:00 PM:       Our American Stories

3:00 PM:         Sons of Liberty

4:00 PM:         Gaither Homecoming Hour

5:00 PM:         Polka Drive at 5*

6:00 PM:         Musical Memories*

7:00 PM:         Rotating Live and Pre-Recorded Local Programming

  • Corner Kick Soccer Talk(Monday)

  • Pittsburgh Sports Report(Wednesday)

  • Re-Airs of Local Programming Remainder Of The Week

9:00 PM:         Holy Rosary(English)

9:30PM:          Holy Rosary(Polish)

10:00 PM:       Old Time Radio Shows


12:00 AM:       Classic Radio Theater

6:00 AM:         Presentation Ministries with Father Al Lauer

6:30 AM:         The Holy Rosary In English

7:00 AM:         Melodien Der Berge with Aaron Dussing Re-Air

9:00 AM:         Super Saturday Polka Party w\ Alex Fydryszewski*

12:00 PM:       Dr. Bob Martin- Health and Nutrition

3:00 PM:         Old Time Radio

7:00 PM:         Steve Fox Street Corner Show

8:00 PM:         Local Programming Re-Broadcasts

10:00 PM:       Upstate Radio Theater

11:00 PM:       Classic Radio Theater


12:00 AM:       Classic Radio Theater

6:00 AM:         Presentation Ministries with Father Al Lauer

6:30 AM:         The Dacus Report

7:00 AM:         Gaither Homecoming Radio Hour

8:00 AM:         The Lutheran Hour

8:30 AM:         Sing For Joy

9:00 AM:         Holy Rosary(English)

9:30 AM:         Holy Rosary(Polish)

10:00 AM:       The Catholic Mass In Polish via Saint Adalbert Church, Elizabeth, NJ

11:00 AM:       Best Of Catholic Answers

12:00 PM:       Melodien Der Berge With Aaron Dussing

2:00 PM:         Polka Power with Robbie Lawrence

4:00 PM:         Polka Celebration Show With Alex Fydryszewski

5:00 PM:         Sounds of Sinatra With Sid Mark

7:00 PM:         Musical Memories With Alex Fydryszewski

9:00 PM:         Upstate Radio Theatre

11:00 PM:        Classic Radio Theatre